Group - Student-maintained software area.

What is Group?

Group is a student-maintained area of software on the departmental systems, mounted at /grp/student.

The official line

There is a Group area on Hercules under /usr/group which is intended to be used for the installation of generally-useful, course-related software not otherwise available under Solaris and Linux. The theory being that installing one copy here for all students to use is more efficient than lots of students each installing their own copies. (David Snowden, on york.cs.student)

What is installed?

There is a package listing in /grp/student/doc/INSTALLED

I would like a software package installed - What do I do?

Any requests for new software can be made to the current maintainter; Chris Northwood.

What computer systems are supported by Group?

The current incarnation of group only supports the Linux PCs. There is a separate Group for NT, which is currently unmaintained.

How do I access the Group area?

A script to automatically set up your profile exists


You have to log out and in again after running the script in order for the changes to your profile to be applied.

If you want to set up your profile manually, you need to make the following changes:

In your .profile, add /grp/student/bin to your path:

export PATH

Also, set up your Python path in order for Bzr and other Python programs to work:


Finally, for the Group menu in the Applications menu to be displayed, you need to add the file to your The easiest way to do this is to add a node:


to your file in ~/.config/menus/ in the root level <Menu> node.

And that's everything!

Is there anything else fun in Group?

Group also appears to be the host of one of the remaining mirrors of York Campus Folklore - the original version long since disappeared.

As far as I am aware, the mirror on this site is the only one remaining in existence, the James College one being deleted by its webmaster. It's very out-of-date and apparently inaccurate though. The mirror exists at

Last Updated: 29 June 2009
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