York Campus Folklore Mirror

Here is a mirror of York Folklore, a wonderful site containing a wealth of interesting and useless information (in equal measure) about York University. This collection of pages was once hosted in the physics department on a server called kipper, which was decommishioned a couple of years ago. Fortuneatly a couple of copies have survived, and to the best of my knowledge it is now looked after by Benedict Ibbs.

Why the mirror?

The reason for the creation of this mirror is that as students come and go, so does their webspace. Hence the folklore pages may vanish after Benedict graduates. Hopefully he can pass it on to some other student, but to ensure its continued survival I have made a mirror here. The group webspace simply passes onto the next maintainer so its content (hopefully) survives.

Enter the mirror or view Benedict's version.

Last Mirrored: 27th May 2003
Maintained by: Dave Rigby <djor101 at york.ac.uk>
Originally written by Dave Rigby.