Folklore Dryad, Tears of St Lawrence, `Library Sculpture', Three Norns

The link between these sculptures is local artist Austin Wright. Well-known throught the country, many of his works have been exhibited on the Heslington campus, and at King's Manor. Austin was also an honorary graduate of the University. He died in early 1997.

The sculptures which may have all got thrown in the lake (see the folklore page) were his, for instance.

There was also a display at King's Manor a couple of years ago. The exhibition was not welcomed by all - within days of all these large aluminium things arriving, along came a film crew to do some stuff for the kids' TV show "How We Used To Live" - there had been some bookings cock-up, so the camera people had to be very careful whilst shooting their olde worlde stuff (with nylon lawn and plasic picket fence) not to get all these bizarre metal things in shot. They were not happy.


This sculpture stands outside Heslington Hall, in front of the Yew garden. (There used to be a Henry Moore there.) The central university web archive has a picture of it - click on the thumbnail below.

Tears of St Lawrence

The Tears stand on top of the St Lawrence Court common room.

`Library Sculpture'

This is the metal structure in the centre of the spiral up to the library bridge. It has been called the `Avocado' and the `Orange'. When an inventory was being compiled in 1992, Mr Wright was phoned on the subject of the name. He said it didn't have a name and `Library Sculpture' was as good as anything.

The metalwork is made of aluminum.

The Three Norns

Now on loan to King's Manor following a the above-mentioned exhibition of his work there.

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