Folklore York University / York Regional Police Ontario Mixup

Someone at once screwed up the reverse lookup entries for the University subnet (144.32). In fact they managed to overwrite the entry by one for the York Regional Police in Ontario! This change occurred on 25 January, and as our entries expired from the caches on other domain name servers we found that some sites were refusing to accept mail and FTP connections from the machines.

The original text was

Network access to BIDS, NISS and some ftp servers continues to be restricted. This is due to the Internet authorities in the US losing the registration for the University of York, and with it, vital addressing information. The entry for NET-YORK has been allocated instead to York Regional Police, 17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket, Ontario; L3Y 4W5.

We understand that the Internet Network Information Center (NIC) is attempting to recreate our original entries, but we do not know precisely when this will happen.

Information provided on 2-FEB-1995 16:30 by jg

However, a whois query to reveals that NET-YORK still (8/1996) points to York Regional Police, although NET-YORK2 points to

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