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Jimi Hendrix Plays York

Bands played York once: Digital Voodoo informs us that Jimi's concerts for 1967 included
18-FEB York University, York, Yorkshire England
This was one of about 240 official concerts played that year, including such venues as More information comes from Steve Rodham
Well what do you know! My initial reaction was "No, doesn't ring any bells at all." But that just shows that the brain cells are fading fast. The Jimi Hendrix Experience played York University on 18 February 1967. According to bass player Noel Redding they didn't take the stage until 1 am so technically I suppose it was the 19th that they actually appeared.

I'm afraid I don't have any press cuttings, ads ticket stubs etc for the gig. If you turn up anything further I'd certainly be interested in photocopies. No doubt you'll be diving into the Uni archives (I certainly would).

Your investigative team reply:

The Campus Archives in this case consist solely of back issues of the Campus Newspaper Nouse. This is very quiet on the event, leading us to suspect that there might be an issue missing from the archive in the library, which may have had a review. What we do have is the following advert in the previous paper: (Feb 16th 1967)

Rave Reviews have followed
Jimi Hendrix
Throughout His Short Career
See Why
Langwith College
Saturday 18th February
T D Backus & the Powerhouse
The Peeps

It was a quarter page advert, no graphics or pictures just the text with a box round it. Admission was apparently 6/-.

There is a small and badly printed photo of Hendrix in the next paper, but no indication of where and when it was taken!

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