Folklore Oak Phone Box at King's Manor

The University News Sheet for March 1992 reports that:

Oak Kiosk Unveiled

The Estates Department's Joiner's Shop was delighted when John Niklaus and Bill Burns gave us the task of building an oak-panelled telephone kiosk in the entrance to King's Manor.

The whole of the construction was carried out in the University's workshop. The moulds and masons' mitres were skillfully reproduced as authentically as is practically possible, using good quality English oak which had been lying in the Joiner's timber store for many years. Alas, the same cannot be said of the panels, which, because of financial restraints, were made with American oak-faced plywood.

The member of our joinery staff who was responsible for making and fixing the kiosk was John Hobson, under the watchful eye of our chargehand joiner Ken Whitehead.

John, who joined the University from the Joseph Rowntree Trust in 1985, works mostly in the workshop and welcomed to opportunity to work down at King's Manor.

The hoarding is now down and this fine improvement is there for staff, students and visitors to enjoy.

Taking advantage of the disruption to the entrance area, the Estates Department's electrical staff have made radical improvements to the wiring, which is now concealed beneath new plasterwork.

A job of this sort gives us a chance to show off now and again!

Wally Derbyshire,
Estates Office

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