Folklore Lake Complaints

Since the dawn of University time, there have been complaints about the quality of the water in the lake. This article comes from Nouse, Thurs, May 11th 1967.
Lake Health Hazard?

The obnoxious smell rising from the lake at various times, particularly around the Derwent watercourt area, is purely the result of stagnation and not because of waste materials getting into the water, Mr. McMeeking assured Nouse this week.

The stagnation results from a very slow and limited supply of water from a small stream that flows under the new road. The process of eradicating the dead weed is predominately ecological and the operation is being conducted in full consultation with Dr Alan Winter of the biology department. Weed killers will also be used.

Mr McKeeking said ``We hope to have the trouble cleared up by the end of the Summer.''

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