Folklore Why is Nouse so called?

One suggestion that is often suggested is that it is a contraction of ``No Use'', there is some evidence that that is partially the case.

In the first copy of Nouse (Nov 23 1964) the editor gives this explanation for the name:

For any who may be puzzled about our choice of title the connotation of the greek Nous is intelligence of comprehension, Ouse is after the river Ouse chosen to include an indicator of the locality and if pronounced Nooze this becomes in phonetic terms News

In the Feb 16 1967 edition of Nouse a letter critisizes the paper for incorrectly spelling the greek Nous in its title. The editor at the time quoted the remarks above and added that

Nouse also incorporates No and Use.

Although we don't know if this was spotted when the name was first proposed.

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