Folklore The Wentworth Challenge

The Wentworth Challenge is one of the time-honoured traditions of `stupid things to do on campus'. The idea of the challenge is to cross the Goodricke-Wentworth bridge using only the girders underneath, without falling in the lake. Adam Longley ( gave a brief introduction on for freshers week 1996:

Phill Hugo ( wrote:
: So what exactly is this, er, challenge. I can gather it involves water.

Only involves water if you mess it up........(and if you're drunk enough
to try it you *will* mess it up).........

You will note (but only if you take the time to look) that underneath
Wentworth Bridge (the one that goes from Wenty C Block towards Goody)
there are a number of bars that run perpendicular to the direction(s) of
transit.........funnily enough, once people know this they have very little
difficulty working out what is out for that pike
though it's a seven undergrads last year before we could
warn them.........(for some reason it doesn't eat the feet though.....maybe
folks should try washing them more often).........


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