Folklore YSTV Holds/Held World Record

In the 199th issue of University News Sheet, March 1988, the following is reported

Students Break TV Record

Students at York are recovering from a mammoth event which broke the world record for the longest television programme directed by one person. For 28 hours and 1 minute, York Student Television (YSTV) broadcast live to its monitors on the University's cable network.

The programme, called Breaker 88, featured both contemporary and classical music, a complete game-show competition, pool and dart, a cabaret and magic show and countless interviews.

Programme director was Keith Hide-Smith, a third-year Computer Science student.

During the programme, Keith was allowed only 5 minutes break every hour. ``Staying awake wasn't a big problem,'' he commented. The adrenaline and cups of black coffee kept me going.''

The production was mounted partly as a charitable event. Several hundred pounds were raised for the RNLI, Cancer Research, NSPCC and a local community fund.

``Breaker 88 is very much a one-off,'' said Malcolm Heath, Station Director. ``YSTV's next project is coverage of the Students' Union Elections in March.''

YSTV win Award

This item comes from the University News Sheet, Issue 212 (May 1990):

Award for YSTV

York Student Television recently won an award for its news and current affairs programme `Bulletin' at the National Student Television Association conference held at the University in April.

Bulletin is produced by Samantha Richardson (Psychology), presented by Geoff Smyllie and Nick Maylon, and directed by Andrew Eccleston (all Electronics).

The conference was attended by seventy delegates from student television stations around the country.

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