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Group for Windows 2000 is a collection of useful, unsupported software for Windows 2000 which is maintained by the students for the students. Group can be found at \\minerva\vol1\users\group\ on the student Windows 2000 computers. Group is currently maintained by Mark Fenton at cs.york, and I'll welcome any comments or suggestions on the software maintained in the Group directory.

Getting Started

Logon to Windows 2000, and go to the directory \\minerva\vol1\users\group\. In this directory, you will find the software, contained in appropriately named directories and the following three text files:

If you will be using Group regularly, you may wish to create a shortcut to the Group directory (or directly to the software) or map a network drive to the Group directory.


Numerous upgrades that I haven't put up here, including: Trillian, Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla, PuTTY. More to come soon. Also added MSN Messenger.
April 28, 2005
Numerous Upgrades
jEdit, Firefox and Thunderbird have all been upgraded to the latest versions.
December 15, 2004
Cygwin and jEdit
Have both been added by request.
April 28, 2004
Cygwin and jEdit
Have both been added by request.
April 28, 2004
Firefox 0.8 Dev Build
Firefox has been on for a while, but there is also a dev (pre0.9) build optimised for AthlonXPs.
April 27, 2004

Index of Software

This index is categorised for convenience, but there is not necessarily a link between the category and location for much of the software. Software which has been added or updated since I took over maintainence of the directory has a link to a summary page describing that software, for the remainder there is only the description left by the previous maintainer at present.



Office Software





Last Updated: 15 December 2004
Mark Fenton

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